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It is time to give your dear ones the reliable and state-of-the-art security they deserve. The smart security alarms protect your perimeter with fence, buried cable, and microwave sensors.

MercHome provides the best security alarm solutions for homes and offices.

Now, you can easily deploy the customized security alarms in your premises and protect your property with the smart solutions. The top-edge technology makes it even remarkable with seamless integration that results in top-notch and reliable performance.

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Operate from Anywhere

Your smartphone is your ultimate gateway to operate your smart security alarms literally from anywhere in the whole world. Whether you are partying hard with your friends in the outskirts of your city or working hard on a business trip abroad, the geo-fencing will allow you to stay connected with your security alarms via smartphone.

Connect with Voice Assistants

Would you like to make your smart home security alarms communicate with all voice assistants? If yes, you can install the smartest home alarms that can take voice commands via Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. You can turn on or put off your security alarms with a few taps on the screens of your smartphone and tablets.

Smart Devices Integration

Consistent advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence have enabled smart home devices to communicate with each other through communication protocols. You can easily integrate your home security alarm with other smart devices like outdoor surveillance cameras, thermostats, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, and video doorbells. Sounds complicated? Call us today and let’s make it an enabling experience for you.

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