You must have watched and enjoyed the technological revelations in a number of Hollywood movies.


Many of us are inspired by how the creative minds of Hollywood come up with unique ideas that have the power to change the world. Be it any James Bond movie or the Marvel series, the jaw-dropping futuristic ideas have always entertained our mind’s science fiction side. However, the latest from the world of technology has inspired many out there.


People can now relate to the unbelievable science fiction creativity at a better level, thanks to our smart homes. People can now emulate what Hollywood heroes are able to pull off in their technology-filled homes.


Let’s have a look at some of the most creative science fiction ideas used in movies, but are now a part of our daily lives.


Automated Robots Everywhere

Over the years, storywriters have done an amazing job in creating futuristic ideas for the Hollywood movies. Now, engineers and technicians have joined hands to turn these ideas into reality. The products like iRobot and Neato are prime examples of how far the concept of automation has come. A lot is yet to be done in materializing the idea of a full-featured humanoid-like-robt but the earliest products show we are on the right track.


For now, automated robots have become a reality and can be seen in smart homes going about their job without supervision and instructions. Products like Neato and iRobot can easily roam around your home and clean the mess autonomously. You don’t have to operate them with a remote rather they are designed in a way to automatically clean the mess.


Appliances that can Communicate

Gone are the days when appliances needed some human to turn them on or off. The new breed of smart appliances is studded with machine learning and artificial intelligence that empower them to take autonomous decisions. Products like smart refrigerators and thermostats can adjust their temperatures automatically according to the temperature of their surroundings. Just imagine ordering your glass of cold water from your smartphone and getting it ready as you walk down to your refrigerator. Amazing, isn’t it? Touchscreen displays are not the only smart feature in today’s smart products. You can expect a lot more than that, including different sensors that allow them to communicate with each other as well. They can learn your lifestyle habits and adjust their functions accordingly.


Bid Adios to Retro Lighting Controls

At least once in life, you must have found yourself in a situation where you were too tired to turn off the light before you doze off. Well, this situation will soon be a part of history as the new range of smart home products allow you to do it all from the screen of your smartphone. Whether you want to turn on the light or turn it off, you can do it from an app. Moreover, you can also reduce their illumination and change colors from a distance. This is reshaping our lifestyle for good and our future generations can expect a lot more comfort and luxury right inside their smart homes. The smart home devices like NEST can easily be programmed to get your home ready to welcome you while you’re getting back home from a long road trip.


Toilets to Tell if You’re a Diabetic or Not

Well, it is quite a silly thing to even imagine but it has actually become a reality. In Japan, smart home devices manufacturers have designed smart toilets that can carry out the urinalysis right on the spot. This urinalysis analyzes your feces in real-time and tells if you are a diabetic patient or not. Moreover, research is underway to equip smart toilets with the ability to tell if a woman is pregnant by analyzing her urine. What’s more, the toilets of the future would be able to tell if a person has a colon cancer.


The Final Word

The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to home automation. Leading companies are working days and nights to hash out the most beneficial technological wonders for mankind. This would help our future generations to lead a comfortable and luxurious life that will also take care of their health.